12 tools to grow startup business in 2022
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The Best Tools to Grow Your Startup Business in 2022.

12 tools to grow your startup business in 2022:

Growing a startup is not easy for startup founders today. The fact is, you can’t do everything all alone – No matter how savvy you are.

To build a startup today, you just need to invest in some of the needful resources or tools that can help you out to grow your startup business. There are tons of tools available in the market that are useful, affordable, and suitable for your startup. We are sharing 12 tools to grow your startup business in various categories.

  • Marketing / Marketing Research Tools
  • Product / Design Tools for Startup
  • Project Management Tools
  • Scheduling Tools
  • Communication Tools
  • Sales Tools
  • Data Analytics Tools
  • Customer Support Tools 
  • Learning Tools

Marketing & Research Tools for Startups:


Buffer is a social media management platform that can assist you in saving a lot of time by allowing you to manage all your social media accounts in one place. Using buffer, you can plan or schedule all the social media posts for different accounts in one go. And you can even track the insights of your content. 
Pricing: Freemium with plans starting from $15 per month for 8 social accounts

semrush tool used to grow startup website SEO

SEMrush is one of the most popular SEO tools available in the market that specializes in keyword research, rank tracking, website technical SEO, backlinks analysis, competitor’s research, and much more. A must-need tool for all the startups to grow organic traffic on your website.
Pricing: Freemium with plans starting from $99.95 per month

answerthepublic website for questions and anwers

Are you burning money on digital ads to strategize your content strategy? Please don’t waste your time and money at the same time. Content research plays a huge role while growing the audience because you can target the exact audience according to your niche. Answer the public is a crucial tool for content research, it gives you tons of content ideas that users can use accordingly to create content for their business. 

Buzzsumo use for grow your startup business

Are you one of them who are still struggling to find the content to upload on social media platforms? Don’t worry, Buzzsumo is the best solution for you to perform the content marketing research for you.
Buzzsumo is the popular content marketing tool available in the market that helps you to discover engaging and trending content to enhance your content strategy across social media and search.
If you’ve still some queries about any marketing tools, connect with our highly experienced startup consulting firm in Canada

Product Design & Design Tools:

figma.com use for grow startup business

Figma is another very useful tool for all startup businesses. Figma is a cloud-based design tool that is similar to Sketch but has a lot more functionalities and features that make it most useful for design and team collaboration. Figma is a browser-based tool that can be easily accessible to your team. Users can work in Figma in real-time like in google sheets. 
Figma supports in-app commenting so it’s good for design review feedback.
Pricing: Freemium with plans starting from $12 per editor per month

product board.com

Productboard is a product management system that helps your team understand what users need, prioritize what to build, and rally everyone around your roadmap. It has great integration with customer support tools like Intercom so you can consolidate customer feedback easily, and use its built-in features to help you better prioritize what to build next, share your roadmap with your team and monitor progress towards launch. 

canva.com use for designing content

Canva is a great tool for designing content for your business. Canva is really a useful tool for startup businesses that are not able to design like a pro in some vast graphic design software like adobe photoshop, illustrator, etc. Canva enables you to design social media posters, infographics, slides, business logos, visiting cards, marketing proposals, and much more. Canva offers a lifetime free version with limited features but you can do more productive with its free version. 

visme used for startup growth

Visme is another great tool to tackle your design needs for your business. ‍Visme is a visual content creation platform perfect for startups who need to design all of their branded assets, marketing materials, sales presentations, and more all in one place.  You can store your logo, brand fonts and colors, templates, and more in Visme’s digital asset manager.

Product Design & Design Tools:

trello.com used for project management can use to grow startup

Managing projects is as important as sales. Trello is a visual marketing tool that is very helpful in managing tasks or projects. You can create boards, lists, and cards with labels, checklists, and due dates to organize your team’s projects and tasks and simply drag and drop them to track signs of progress. There are also a lot of Power-ups (essential apps for Trello) that you can add to Trello to supercharge its already amazing capabilities.
Pricing:  Freemium with plans starting from $10.99 per user per month

take notes in evernote to grow startup business

Evernote is another good resource available in the market for project management for startup businesses. It is eventually designed for taking notes, organizing, and task management. It really helps you to create and organize digital notes and keeps them synchronized across all your devices. 

Scheduling Tools for Startup Business:

plan social media in hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the popular tools available to manage social media platforms in one go. Hootsuite is famous for its social media management and scheduling the content that covers pretty much about all social media. 


Youcanbook.me is another famous web-based appointment booking system among startups. It can work well with Google and all platforms. You simply just need to link your calendar and your clients can book directly into your calendar.

We have mentioned some of the best tools that you must need to grow your startup. We have divided these tools into different categories that will definitely be going to help to clear your basic tools guide.

If you feel we missed anything, ping us on our official e-mail or comment below. Also, which one is your favorite tool?

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